Moving From or to Switzerland

Explore your moving options

Moving from Switzerland

you pack, we load
you pack cartons only, we disassemble and pack furniture
we pack and load everything
for you to unload yourself
we will arrange unloading only
we provide fully comprehensive destination services
Naturally we offer any additional service you may require, we store your goods at either end, we move your car, we ship your pet from door to door, we organize cleaning and painting of your house before or after you have left.

Moving to Switzerland

we will put you in touch with a reputable yet economical moving company at your city of residence.
we will arrange for a detailed in house survey to establish the weight and volume of your shipment accurately
we will provide a quotation in accordance with your specific service requirements.
once your shipment reaches Switzerland we will arrange for customs formalities and schedule a delivery date
We will deliver according to your selected options:
position the container at your house for you to unload.
provide adequate and experienced help for an agreed number of hours for unloading and/or unpacking, reassembly etc.
provide a full crew to perform complete destination service including removal of used materials.